Construction & Project Management

CMA Consulting offers Construction and Project Management Services Specifically Designed for Homeowners Associations

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    Our programs streamline the construction process for Board Members, Homeowners, and Community Association Managers alike, maximize available budgets, and attain an on-time completion. A team of highly qualified professionals is assembled in the early stages of the construction planning process to achieve a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the project. Our goal is to offer the client the best and most cost effective options for their investment.

    CMA’s relationship with the Homeowners’ Association and the Community Association Manager continues throughout the construction of the project by implementing a range of on-site management and inspection services.

    Whether planning the replacement of major components such as roofs, decks, painting, siding, or asphalt, or a reconstruction project involving construction defects, we can help. CMA Consulting offers Engineering Services specially tailored for Homeowner’s Associations. With complete Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) capabilities we can minimize our design time and maximize your budget dollars. CMA, through our team of highly qualified professionals, can offer complete consultation services ranging from simple drawings for repair to complete and accurate plans and specifications for your reconstruction project.

    Construction Consulting Services

    CMA Consulting offers Professional & Cost-Effective Construction Consulting Services to the Common Interest Development Industry. We offer our clients the following Construction Management Services:

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    Professional Inspections
    • Annual Property Inspections
    • Emergency Property Inspections
    • Work-in-Progress Inspections
    • Turn Over Inspections
    • Leak Trace Testing
    • Failure Analysis

    Building Component Studies
    • Reserve Studies
    • Reserve Study Audits
    • Forensic Reserve Studies™
    • Cost Feasibility Studies
    • Sufficiency Analysis

    Construction Consulting Services
    • Foundations
    • Roofing
    • Waterproofing
    • Cladding
    • Stucco Plaster
    • EFIS
    • Windows
    • Glazing/Penetrations
    • Elevated Decks (Pre-SB326)
    • Framing
    • Fire Resistive
    • Acoustical
    • Sheetmetal
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Manufactured Construction Products

    Facilities Inspection and Maintenance Services
    • Emergency Evacuation Diagrams
    • Maintenance Checklists
    • System Performance Testing

    Maintenance Plans
    • Maintenance Scopes of Work
    • Preventive Recommendations
    • Prioritization Planning

    Reconstruction, Replacement and Repair Projects
    • Cost Estimation
    • Plans/Details/Illustrations (CAD)
    • Specifications
    • Bid Packages
    • Budget Forecasting
    • Cash Charts
    • Project Scheduling
    • As-Built Documentation
    • Close-Out Letters

    Contractor and Subcontractor Management
    • Contractor Qualifications
    • Contract Comparison Analysis
    • Job Site Safety Meetings
    • Inspections Forms
    • Contractor Insurance Analysis
    • Peer Reviews
    • Site Observations
    • Milestone Inspections

    Construction Defect Investigation & Litigation Services

    As Construction Experts, CMA has developed a Unique and Highly Effective approach for HOA’s in Identifying and Dealing with the Discovery of Construction Defects

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    As construction investigators, we combine practical field experience together with technical abilities resulting in a cost-effective approach to our clients. Our approach is to thoroughly examine and define building defects by determining whether the defect is the result of substandard workmanship, a violation of applicable codes and standards, a departure from approved plans and specifications or is a manufacturer or design deficiency. Once the defect has been identified in this manner, a methodology of repair and cost estimates can be developed.

    As professional expert witnesses, armed with our professional and technical credentials as well as our unique investigative approach to building defect, we can deliver to our clients the best results through the process of negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and if necessary, litigation.

    Defect Investigation
    • Site Investigations – Condition and Evaluation of Damage
    • Invasive and Non-Invasive Testing
    • Window/Wall Diagnostic Negative Air Water Testing
    • Photo Documentation
    • Laboratory Analysis
    • Building Code Analysis and Interpretation
    • Compliance to Applicable Construction Standards
    • Compliance to State Functionality Standards
    • Comprehensive Scope of Repairs
    • Cost of Repairs
    • Presentation of Technical Research and Evidence

    • Statement of Claims
    • Presentation of Claims

    Expert Analysis and Testimony
    • Foundation
    • Roofing
    • Waterproofing
    • Cladding Systems
    • Stucco Plaster Systems
    • Exterior Finish Insulation Systems (EFIS)
    • Manufactured Products
    • Windows/ Glazing/Fenestrations
    • Fire Resistive
    • Acoustical
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Forensic Cost Estimating
    • Reserve Shortfall Analysis
    • Professional Design Analysis
    • Standard of Care Analysis
    • Code Analysis
    • Functionality Standard Analysis

    Trial Support Consultation
    • Mediations
    • Depositions
    • Expert Conferences
    • Allocations
    • Presentation at Trial

    SB800 Specialist Services

    CMA Consulting are SB800 Specialists committed to working in partnership with your Association to ensure that the Association is in compliance with the California Legislation commonly referred to as SB800

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    • Legislative Intent/Informal Claims Resolution
    • Set of Functionality Standards
    • Builder and Subcontractors/Right to Repair
    • Timeline Set to Have Repairs Completed and Damages Paid Within 120 Days
    • Short Claim Deadlines
    • Developer to Bring in Subcontractors
    • Suspect there are problems – make a claim – it is not Litigation

    Review and Analysis of the Existing Maintenance Manual
    • CMA will review Maintenance Manual
    • CMA will review Reserve Study
    • CMA will review Warranties
    • CMA will review Contractor Monthly Inspection Checklist
    • CMA will develop list of documents omitted from various manuals

    Update and Revisions of Checklists and Inspection Schedules
    • CMA will revise inspection checklists
    • CMA will update task inspection schedules
    • CMA will recommend revisions to Reserve Study

    Maintenance Inspections
    CMA will perform all monthly, quarterly, twice yearly and yearly inspections listed for the:
    • Building Maintenance Components
    • Painting Maintenance Components
    • Roof Maintenance Components
    • Street Maintenance Components
    • Plumbing/Mechanical/Electrical Components

    Annual Property Inspection to Determine As-Built Conditions
    • CMA will conduct visual/limited intrusive site inspection of various building components outlined in the maintenance manual
    • CMA will provide an issue list summarizing the observations from the site inspection

    Coordinated Engineering Design Services

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    Our services are specially tailored for Homeowner’s Associations. Through our team of highly qualified professionals, we are able to offer complete Construction Design coordination services ranging from simple drawings for repair to complete and accurate plans and specifications for your reconstruction project.

    We integrate sustainability practices and technologies in our design, investigation, and rehabilitation projects. Our greening techniques focus on energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality (IEO), and material and system durability.

    Engineering Design Services
    • Project Specifications
    • Scope of Work Documents
    • Value Engineering Analysis
    • Computer Aided Drafting

    Feasibility Studies
    • Site and Document Research
    • Cost Feasibility Study

    Facilities Inspections & Maintenance Services

    CMA Consulting offers Facilities Inspections and Maintenance Services

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    These services are specifically designed to meet the operation and safety requirements for our High and Mid-Rise clients:

    Maintenance – Plumbing/Mechanical/Electrical
    • Preventative Maintenance Checklists
    • Timeline Spreadsheets
    • Inspection Personnel Qualifications

    Facilities Inspections – Plumbing/Mechanical/Electrical
    • Weekly/ Monthly Inspections and Testing
    • Maintenance Logs
    • System Performance Analysis
    • System Improvements