What We Offer

We founded Construction Management Associates (CMA) to provide Homeowners’ Associations with the highest level of professional expertise to implement programs to improve and maintain their facilities.

Our Vision

This vision included being aware of those things that are similar among Common Interest Developments, and being sensitive to the individual needs of each Association, and often, each homeowner. This commitment of focusing on the success of our clients has made CMA one of the leading firms providing these services in California and Nevada. But we did not do it alone. It is a team approach. It is the partnerships that we form with Community Association Managers, Accountants, Attorneys, Contractors, and others in the process.

Highest Business Standards

Education is a primary function of our work. Our staff is continually upgrading skills in their fields of expertise. The results of our efforts are evident at the HOA’s we have served. They now have better maintained and safer homes and properties, due in part to our efforts.

We can all be very proud of these accomplishments. There are even greater challenges ahead. We as individuals and as a company will continue to grow and meet those challenges.