thb_litigation_2 Code Analysis 
• Building Code Analysis and Interpretation
• Compliance to Applicable Standards
thb_litigation_3 Design Deficiencies
& Declarations
•  Plan Analysis

thb_litigation_1 Construction Defect Investigations
• Site Investigations – Condition and Evaluation of Damages
• Invasive and Non Invasive Testing
• Photo Documentation
thb_litigation_4 Manufactures Defect Analysis

• Failure Mechanisms
thb_litigation_5 Standard of Care Analysis & Allocation

• Responsible Party Allocation
thb_litigation_6 Construction Cost Estimates
• Comprehensive Scope of Repairs
• Forensic Cost Estimating
thb_litigation_3 Trial Support Consultations
• Statement of Claims• Expert Analysis and Testimony
• Meditations and Depositions
• Presentation of Technical Research and Evidence
• Expert Conferences
• Trial Presentations
thb_litigation_8 Client Presentations & Town Hall Meeting
• Case Status and Updates
• Presentation of Issues